Airport Vehicles

Runway Foam Truck

Runway foam spreading trailer

  • Chassis capacity: 60 tons
  • The ability to be connected to standard traction engines as well as a two-axle chassis for connecting the tow truck (as a trailer) or to any type of fire truck which is equipped with standard air and power supply sockets. It also has adjustable front jacks.
  • Water tank: 36000 liters
  • Tank material: Stainless steel, 4 mm
  • Foam tank: 4000 liters
  • Water Pump: 6500 SKSW
  • Diesel engine: 260 Hp, six cylinder
  • Monitor: 5000 SKS

• Equipped with two 6-meter foam spreading arms on each side with a total length of 12 meters for covering the surface of the runway during emergency landings (if wheels are not opened and aircraft is emergency landing ) also to prevent heat and severe sparks due to friction with the ground and avoiding possible fire and explosion on the aircraft.

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