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Fire Fighting Trailer Pumps

Trailer Mounted Fire Pump SKSTP 6500

  • Centrifugal pump:  Aluminum or bronze with stainless steel shaft / coupled with diesel engine, pump housing from bronze or alloy aluminum, anti-corrosion, anti-sulfating and salt resistant
  •  Capacity: 6500 liters/ min
  •  Working pressure: 14 bar
  •  Suction depth: 8 m
  •  Pump Outlets: as per required number and at least 3 or 4 outlets with a 1.2-inch coupling
  •  Engine: 6 cylinder diesel
  • Alternator with internal Charging device /engine Starter / 24 V battery / Fuel tank suitable for complete operation / Fuel and air filter / filter for Oil and water cooling system / PTO suitable for driving fire pump with control panel

Trailer Mounted Fire Pump SKSTP 3000

  • Chassis: Two ton, Double-axle trailer with towing hook
  • Engine: Benz or Volvo
  • Pump: SKSWP 3000
  • Pump Capacity: 3000 lit/ min
  • Working pressure: 10-12 bar
  • High pressure: 40 bar
  • Inlet: 1 x 4 inches with couplings BS or STORZ
  • Suction depth: 6 meters
  • Control panel: Gauges for Pressure, vacuum, pump RPM, engine temperature, fuel level, alternator
  • The ability to suction foam from the barrel and the foam making through inline inductor
  • Adjustable with manual brake and socket connection to the tracking truck

On both sides , the location of the storage hoses , size 2.5 and 1.5 inches, 20 meters length and the toolbox are designed and constructed.

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