Firefighting Vehicles

Heavy Vehicles


heavy Water, Foam, dry Powder fire trucks

heavy fire fighting trucks are normally designed and produced on quite a variety of chassis, such as Volvo, Mercedes , Etc

To see the latest types of trucks with different applications, capabilities, please contact SKS.

  • Chassis 6x2, 6x4 , 8x4, Gross Capacity 26-43 ton
  • Water tank: 8000-12000 l
  • Foam tank: 2000-4000 l
  • Water and foam material: stainless steel
  • Water pump: 6000-8000 l/m
  • Pump material: alloy aluminum /bronze
  • Monitor: 4500-6000 l/m (manual/electric control)
  • Monitor reach: 75-90 meter water throw
  • Monitor reach: 60-65 meter foam throw
  •  Independent water and foam piping, the ability to simultaneously deliver water and foam from outlets independently
  •  Piping: stainless steel
  •  Hose reel: 30 to 40 meters
  • Crew cab: Independent of the equipment cabin, the driver’s cab capacity for 3 or 4 people with special seats and special place for SCBA and the possibility of installing a cooler or A/C.
  • Intercom for communication between the driver's cabin and the crew cabin

Other standard items and accessories would depend on the customer’s requirement.

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