Project for 125 First Intervention fire trucks on TOYOTA

Project for 6 Heavy Fire Trucks

Fire Fighting Truck

Fire Fighting Truck

Technical Specification for Fire Truck on Scania P410

Chassis: Scania

Engine power: 410 hp

Vehicle type: P410

Water Pump:  Flow Rate 6000 l/m by Magirus

Foam pump:  600 l/m by SKS

Monitor: Alkhart


Piping: All connections and piping made of Stainless Steel

Structure : Made of Steel

Body Paneling: Made of Aluminum

Water Tank Capacity: 8000 liter

Foam Tank Capacity:2000 liter

Dry Powder Vessel: 150 kg

Hose reel : Two units, each 30 m hose length

Color: RED (RAL3000)

ILLUMINATION: Telescopic Mast, LED Flood Lights and Traffic lights