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The first fire truck on the chassis Isuzu 26 tons

Water and foam trailer monitor

Water and foam trailer monitor


  • The chassis is 250 centimeters length and 150 centimeters wide.
  • The chassis of trailer is made up of a 12-gauge studs and a member in the middle is made up of the channel beam 80, and the around paneling is made up from aluminum plate.
  • The chassis has a fixed or movable tricycle hook in the front and danger lights on the rear and sides
  • The chassis has a box for hoods and tools
  • Two-axle shaft of Nissan's standard type of rims and tires with a brake bowl and manual brakes
  • The chassis has four adjustable jacks in the quadrilateral for deployment
  • It has a hinged system for tank and equipment


  • A manual monitor of aluminum alloy with a capacity of 2000 liters per minute, with a pressure of 10 to 12 times, with a 50-60 meter head.
  • The monitor has two 4-inch inlets on each side, plus two 2/5 inches BS connection of brass valves.
  • The monitor has a 360 ° horizontal and 15.85 ° vertical turning angle.
  • The monitor has a foaming agent and adjustable foam valve in the In the exhaust part of the water, before the pipe of air condition.This system allows the entry of foam from a 1000-liter tank or mobile tanks.
  • The monitor has a pigeon span (jaw and jet).

The tank

  • A 1000-liter reservoir of stainless steel sheet 316 is produced in a thickness of 3 mm and will be covered with epoxy paint.
  • The tank has an air inlet and outlet valve made of stainless steel.
  • The tank has a water inlet from the top and under the tank has a drain valve for washing.
  • The outer part of the tank is covered with red fire.
  • The foam container can be manufactured from UV-resistant polyethylene that has a lower weight and higher resistance to corrosion.


  • The trailer is stained in a few steps after construction, and then the traffic signs and reflected striping are installed
  • The image of the trailer is with the polyethylene reservoir.